About the Book

Zane Morgan was seventeen when he left California’s great Central Valley and headed out for San Francisco. It was 1963, and for reasons unknown even to him he decided to let his hair grow. He began to meet some others who had made the same decision. At first he faithfully attended his college classes and had only a few risky adventures. Within the first year he had his first drug experiences, had sex for the first time, dropped out of college, took a long hitchhiking trip, and got a live-in girlfriend. The word “hippy” was just beginning to be used to describe this younger generation of rebels. Too late to join the beat generation, hippies would prove to be an immensely larger and more generally influential social phenomenon. Buy The Book.

            Zane was right in the middle of it, flirting with hard drug use, exploring endless panoramas of the psychedelicized human mind, taking part in street demonstrations and student uprisings to stop the war and end racial discrimination, dropping in and out of college, living in the Haight-Ashbury and the Ghetto, and doggedly pursuing love.

            Life was a process of sniffing out and then following after the latest clue that might lead one to another peak experience, another a slice of life more authentic than anything the squares had to offer, or some more effective challenge to the machinations of the evil establishment. The quest was to challenge everything that was wrong with the system, live a happy life and not let them destroy you.

            Zane managed to sample just about everything that was being offered at the smorgasbord of better living. Hippies were a tribe. The secret handshake was long hair and a joint. The hymns were rock and roll and the motto was “keep on truckin”. Road trips were taken to anywhere that seemed promising but generally ended up back in San Francisco. His longest trip was to Mexico where for three months the Mexican people befriended him, took care of him, invited him into their houses, fed him and truly seemed to care for him with amazingly open hearts.

            Upon returning to San Francisco he had his first mystical experiences combining LSD with the study of Eastern Philosophies. He continued to travel and learn, never giving up his quest for love, vision, peace, justice and enlightenment. Buy The Book.

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